Where I'm at.....July 2022

Hi....I hope you're all keeping well, healthy and happy.

As you may have noticed, it's been a while since I've updated this website, or been in touch, and lots of you know I lost my beloved Dad, Hugh Healy, several days before Christmas 2021. Seeing him diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer and losing him to such an aggressive and terrible disease has truly been the hardest thing to cope with and I've found myself unable to feel joy for music or life the way I did when he was here. He was such a massive part of my life and my musical journey and trying to work out a way forward with him gone from this world has been - and continues to be - very sad and difficult for me. He is so missed. 

Into the bargain, I also had to have half of my thyroid removed as they found a small cancer in one side of the gland in January. So it all kicked off in my life! Thankfully, I had a truly inspirational surgeon and he was so mindful of my voice that it is almost back to full pelt. I am so grateful to Mr Winkler for doing such an incredible job, with such kindness, at one of the lowest ebbs of my life. 

Music was one of the biggest interests I shared with Dad: we went to gigs together, sang together, slagged each other's taste off, and agreed on a lot, too! He would want me to keep on going, and that's what I fully intend on doing.....I just won't be going at full pelt for a while. And I hope when I am back, I get to see some of your lovely faces in real life. 

I've been writing over the past few years, on and off, and am hoping to get back into the studio in the Autumn, with the view to releasing something new in Spring 2023. 

If you're reading this at all, I want to get you to do me a favour: please go to the doctor if you are experiencing anything that isn't normal for you. Whether it's your thyroid (bottom of the neck), your boobies, your man dangly bits, your stomach, your bowels, your ovaries, your mental health.....I know it's hard to get through right now to GP surgeries, but STAY ON THE LINE and go and see your doctor. Let's give cancer the heave-ho, people! 

Anwway, I'll be in touch as I re-emerge. 

Sending love, healing and positivity to anybody who needs it.

Healy xxx


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